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Assessing the damage following yesterday’s hectic weather in southern NHC

Winds gusting 60 miles per hour, torrential rain, marble size hail and countless lightening strikes have some people saying yesterday's strong thunderstorms felt like a hurricane.

Pender County farmers suffering from dry weather conditions

The record breaking heat and severe lack of rain that has been plaguing our area is also creating headaches for farmers.

East vs. south facing beaches: Which are more dangerous for swimmers?

With Memorial Day weekend just days away it’s important to remind locals and visitors about the dangers of rip currents.

Dozens get SKYWARN storm spotter training at WWAY Event Center

Dozens of Cape Fear residents interested in learning how to forecast, track, and report weather events are now storm spotter trained.

Local NWS office, public react to Tsunami Warning false alarm

Many Americans got an alert Tuesday morning, warning of a tsunami. Turns out, it was only a test.

Local National Weather Service office sends help to Florida

Hurricane Irma left a path of devastation in Florida. The National Weather Service in Wilmington is sending someone down to help with forecast operations in the sunshine state.

STORM SURGE: What is it? Will it be possible during Irma?

While we're still in wait and see mode, those who live near water need to think about the possible storm surge from Irma.

EXPLAINER: Potential tropical cyclone? What does that mean?

Tropical weather is expected in southeastern North Carolina over the next few days, but there has been some confusion on how that system is being classified.

National Weather Service investigates tornado in Brunswick County

Tornadoes aren’t common in Southeastern North Carolina, but the area did see some isolated severe weather on Wednesday that prompted a tornado warning.

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