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Mom says bullied 9-year-old killed himself after coming out at school

A Denver mom says her 9-year-old son died by suicide in their home on Thursday after experiencing bullying in school.

Historic face transplant gives suicide survivor a ‘second chance’

A groundbreaking face transplant gave a suicide attempt survivor a second chance at life.

Police say Wilmington mom kills child, self in shooting

Wilmington Police say a mother killed her child before turning the gun on herself Tuesday in the Andrews Reach community.

Former Southport Mayor Norman Holden found dead in apparent suicide

When Norman Holden didn't answer his phone Wednesday morning, Southport Police went to his home on Frink Drive to check on him.

Kate Spade’s father dies on eve of her funeral

The family of fashion designer Kate Spade says her father died on the eve of her funeral.
Shining a light on veteran suicidevideo

‘He seemed happier’: Stories shared to bring attention to veteran suicides

Recently, the suicides of two celebrities made headlines in the news and on social media. For some, they raise the question: why don't we hear more about the number of veterans who commit suicide?

Anthony Bourdain dies at 61

Celebrity chef and longtime television personality Anthony Bourdain has died, according to CNN. He was 61.

Local crisis counselor talks suicide warning signs

With more and more news of suicide and attempted suicide, local crisis counselor Twyna Bell joined WWAY in-studio for a interview Tuesday.

One birthday wish: suicide prevention

We all wish for something for our birthday. Some ask for a new computer or a new phone. But for one Wilmington man, his wish is very different.

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