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PHOTOS: Seniors soak up summer fun during day at Carolina Beach

Some local seniors had some fun in the sun at the beach Thursday for Senior Beach Day in Carolina Beach.

Dog helps disabled kids surf

These aren't you're average surfers. These kids, some as young as two years old, have a debilitating illness called Spinal Muscular Atrophy or SMA.

Did East Coast surfing really originate in Wrightsville Beach?

If the Sandwich Island Girl is real, she would turn surfing history upside down because it would mean Asbury Park is the first spot where surfing occurred on the East Coast, not Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.

Surfer talks about dramatic water rescue in Emerald Isle

It was caught on video and is now an internet viral video. Three surfers came to the aid of a swimmer caught in a rip current in Emerald Isle.

Ocean Cure prepares for annual Life Rolls On surfing event

Ocean Cure continues it's outreach to people with disabilities by hosting the annual Life Rolls On.  They will be helping over 100 people enjoy an epic day in the ocean on August 12.

VIDEO: Flooded ditch provides surf fun for instructors

With it being so wet lately, some people are trying to have a little fun in the rain.

2 minutes, 8 barrels: Surfer takes an epic ride into history

Perched precariously on his surfboard, the 23-year-old from Hawaii rode a wave off the coast of Namibia, on the western shore of Africa, for 120 straight seconds.

‘Worst pain ever’: Surfer sent to ER after box jellyfish sting

A Wilmington man was sent to the ER over the weekend after doctors say he was stung by a box jellyfish.

Is $30 million wave the future of surfing?

He was worried he might have created a monster, but legendary surfer Kelly Slater is convinced his artificial wave can take surfing into the future.

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