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Blind man advocates for more accessible crosswalks in Wilmington

Imagine waking up one day and not being able to get around the place you've lived your entire life. That's the reality for one Wilmington man who went blind three years ago.

High school senior gives up playing in marching band to serve as blind classmate’s...

When the Laingsburg High School marching band performs on their Michigan school's football field, one band member marches without an instrument.

Visually impaired players taking part in ‘Beep Ball’

The game is called Beep Ball because the ball makes a loud beeping sound allowing vision-impaired players to take part in the game.

Parents watch legally blind son surf for first time

More than 20 kids who are visually impaired are getting to go surfing in Wrightsville Beach this week thanks to Indo Jax Surf School.

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