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“Sordid history” cited as judge blocks NC’s voter ID law

The federal judge who blocked the newest version of a voter ID law in North Carolina cites the state's “sordid history of racial discrimination and voter suppression” as she ordered officials to not enforce the law in 2020.

Additional IDs approved for voting in North Carolina

State Elections Director Karen Brinson Bell on Friday approved 49 additional types of student and employee photo identification for use in the 2020 elections.

Public comment on proposed voter rule changes

The State Board of Elections is seeking public comment on proposed rule changes to voter ID laws which would require photo ID for absentee voting.

Attorney general: North Carolina voting law should end

North Carolina's new Democratic attorney general says the U.S. Supreme Court should dismiss an appeal of a lower court ruling striking down a voting law even though Republican lawmakers still want it considered.

State attorneys repeat why voting law must be enforced

Attorneys for North Carolina have gotten in one last set of arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court about why a voter identification mandate and 10 days of early voting should be enforced this fall.

North Carolina asks Supreme Court to keep voter ID for now

North Carolina government leaders have now asked the U.S. Supreme Court to restore a voter identification requirement and other voting rules for November's election.

Appeals court rejects request to postpone voter ID decision

An appeals court has quickly decided it won't delay enforcement of its ruling striking down North Carolina's photo identification requirement and other election restrictions, including reducing early in-person voting by seven days.

Attorney General won’t keep defending struck-down voter ID law

North Carolina Democratic Attorney General Roy Cooper will no longer defend in court the state law requiring photo identification to vote and creating other voting restrictions because it was struck down by federal appeals judges.

September date set for North Carolina voter ID state trial

A challenge to North Carolina's new voter identification requirement will go to trial in state court before the November election.

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