Oak Island business reacts to July 4th festivities

OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — This was the second year in a row that traditional North Carolina 4th of July Festival activities did not happen in the City of Southport, with many events moved to nearby Oak Island.

Southport still participated in some activities, but events like the big fireworks show were moved to Oak Island.

The decision was made several months ago before COVID-19 restrictions were lifted.

Oak Island businesses, like Tropical Treats, say they felt the change in plans boosted the number of customers both at their brick-and-mortar location and the ice cream carts they operate on the beach.

In addition to ice cream, the store sells summer treats like italian ice, fudge, coffee, and more.

“There was a lot more business, the fireworks here were great, right after the fireworks we got really busy and we stayed open later than normal,” said Tropical Treats worker Cathi Nieto. “We just love it, we love the people and it was good.”

“I felt like it was a lot more people out on the beach this weekend thanks to Southport moving all their festivities to Oak Island,” said Issac Hall, who operates the beach carts.

Some events, like a flag raising ceremony and reading of the Declaration of Independence did still take place in Southport.

Southport Mayor Joe Pat Hatem has said the famous 4th of July parade will return to the city next year. Businesses like Tropical Treats hope Oak Island can stay involved, potentially having some events take place there.

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