OBX gets help from the Cape Fear region

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — While Hurricane Dorian gave us a glancing blow, it battered the Outer Banks causing major damage to homes along the barrier islands.

For that reason, some organizations in the Cape Fear region drove several hours to help.

Dorian made landfall in Cape Hatteras on September 6. The storm surge flooding hundreds of homes in the Outer Banks.

Groups from Wrightsville Beach Baptist Church and other organizations have made it their mission to help victims.

When you look around Ocracoke Island, many homes are destroyed which has left people wondering how they can recover.

“When you see your things, your possessions, everything you own being loaded into a dumpster, you know a dump truck to drive away, that breaks your heart,” John McIntyre, pastor at Wrightsville Beach Baptist Church, said.

McIntrye, along with church members, often help hurricane victims rebuild. This time, they made a trip to Ocracoke to help make repairs.

“I know it was just heart wrenching for us riding through a town that we’ve all loved and there’s so many people camp there and have traveled through Ocracoke,” McIntrye said.

He says while these homes may look fine, they aren’t on the inside.

“Water damage is kind of sneaky, cause you don’t see the damage on the inside, and the outside may look fine, and so on,” McIntrye said.

They’re not the only ones who left New Hanover County to lend a hand.

Wilmington firefighters also went to the OBX over the weekend to help with storm recovery. They also brought supplies to the island.

Wrightsville beach baptist church also took items to make life a little easier for residents.

“We have delivered four showers, four mass home units.”

McIntyre says they’re sending volunteers to four locations: Cedar Island, Ocracoke, Hatteras and just north of Hatteras.

He says the island is by invitation only, so if you’d like to help, click here

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