Ocean Safety Day teaches beachgoers important tips

OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — While many go to the beach to relax, it can be easy to forget the dangers of the ocean.

“You hear about people getting hurt or something it’s in Australia or Hawaii, it’s not here. It’s never in your home town, so it’s definitely important. I learned a lot. I learned that it’s good to be prepared. That’s why I do this and ya know to teach, try to help teach others,” event organizer Mike Young said.

Young wants to teach others about how treacherous the ocean can be by sharing tips that could potentially save lives.

“Many hazards on the beach, rip currents, other stuff, shark attacks,” attendee Carson Mauney said.

Teaching beach goers about rip currents, what is in the ocean and how to perform CPR were all on the lesson plan.

“Educate people about the water and you can see it’s kind of a rough day today. People get in trouble in the water especially if they’re not familiar with the ocean and so that’s what we are here for, is to try to just make people more aware of the dangers of the ocean,” Oak Island Water and Rescue Team Lieutenant Tony Young said.

With the help of Oak Island Water and Rescue Team, Oak Island Fire Department and volunteers there was plenty of help to teach these skills.

“CPR is one of those things you can actually save somebody’s life and it’s not hard to learn. It’s very useful and you don’t know when that time will have to come,” Oak Island Fire Marshal Joe Snapp said.

If that time does come, knowing how to handle the situation properly could help save someone.

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