Ogden skate park design unveiled

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A brand new skate park is coming to Ogden and tonight the design for the park was unveiled.

Some folks were happy, but everyone had an opinion on what should be changed. County Commissioners allocated $265-thousand for the project. The park will be built in phases. Phase one will be paid for by taxpayer dollars and the second phase they hope will be paid for by donations.

“It’s just exciting that we have an opportunity to build a skate park. In a very densely populated will be wonderful for kids and adults really to be able to ride their bike or walk to the park,” said Tara Duckworth with the City of Wilmington

Suggestions for additions to the park were so great Thursday; the designer is essentially heading back to the drawing board.

The new park will be used not only by skateboarders, but extreme bikers as well.

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