One dead, one injured, and a family still recovering after drive-by shooting

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Two women were shot in broad daylight walking from a family member’s house to their cars. One woman died, the other remains in critical condition, and the family will never be the same.

Victim, Tammy Lamb-Brown is recovering from a shattered elbow and several injuries around her ribs and hip.

Her sister, Tonya Lamb said they’re still coming to terms with Tracey McKoy’s death.

“It’s… surreal is the word of the day,” said Lamb.

Tonya Lamb will never forget what happened outside her mother’s home Thursday, when a shooting injured her sister and killed her cousin, Tracey McKoy.

McKoy, from Wake Forest, was napping in another room after staying the night at the hospital with her sick mother.

Tonya’s sister, Tammy Lamb-Brown showed up out of the blue.

Tonya remembered, “She surprised us, because when she walked in the door, we were still on the phone.”

The three women chatted for hours until Lamb left to get some work done.

“I never would have thought that I would be seeing my cousin for the last time,” Tonya said. “Hearing her voice say, ‘Bye Tonya.'”

McKoy and Lamb-Brown then left, heading to their cars just steps away from the house. That’s when a car pulled up and someone shot the women and the house, hitting the ceiling and entertainment center.

Tammy’s mother rushed out and called 911, but McKoy did not survive. Despite their loss, the family still prays for whoever pulled the trigger.

Lamb explained, “He’s a human being just like the rest of us. And obviously he is headed down the wrong path, he’s in the wrong way. I would have to say that I forgive you and God bless you.”

Though she’s forgiven, Lamb says she’ll never forget the pain her family feels, and the memories and moments she had with her cousin Tracey she can never have again.

“Everything. Her laugh. I mean, her encouragement. Her tenacity. She was just a go-getter. Everything. Everything.”

Both Lamb and the Wilmington Police maintain the two women were innocent.

After getting shot, Lamb-Brown, who works as a surgical technician, was still conscious enough to call the hospital’s surgical unit ahead of time, preparing them to operate.

Wilmington Police are still searching for the suspect.

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