Parent, alleged shooter speak out after video surfaces of assault

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A man recovering after police say he was shot in Houston Moore over the weekend. Police say it all started when he allegedly beat up a pregnant woman.

Wilmington police are still looking at potential charges for the victim in this shooting.

WWAY News spoke to the alleged shooter and exclusively to the shooting victim’s mother. While the shooter says it was a fight for his life, the victim’s mother said her son was attacked first and set up.

“It was either me or him I had to save my life,” Quaneik Allen said.

Allen is charged in the shooting and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Video of the incident before the shooting has gone viral. Family members say the video shows a man named Blake pulling, kicking and possibly hitting a woman. Police were told by witnesses that woman was pregnant.

“I wasn’t trying to step in and start no trouble,” Allen said. “I was just like, ‘Bro, why are you trying to hit a pregnant woman anyway.'”

He said he heard screaming and that’s what led him out to where the fight was going on.

The shooting itself is an act of violence family members of the victim say was planned.

“I knew about the ongoing beef,” Rachel White said.

White is Blake’s mother. She has spent most of Monday sitting in the ICU with her son. She says he is in stable condition but will require several surgeries. She says the video and Allen are not sharing the full story.

“The video makes my son look like he’s a woman beater,” White said. “It’s going to Worldstar, YouTube, Facebook, everywhere. But don’t nobody know this girl’s background and they didn’t show the first part of the video where she was slapping and spitting on him.”

White added that the woman instigated the fight according to what she heard from people in the housing community. She says the video that shows her son dragging the woman into a car, was in fact him trying to tell her to leave. She says when Allen got involved, it no longer became about defending the woman.

“If you were protecting a female that got beat up by a guy, she would be somewhere in that video when you were shooting my son. And if you would shoot him one time why would you shoot him multiple times,” White said while pointing to video given to her by a person in the community that showed the moment Allen appears to pull the trigger on Blake.

White has given the video to police but did not want it broadcasted at this time. Allen maintains the situation became about life or death for him.

“My gun dropped, his gun, his gun fell too,” Allen said. “I grabbed his gun and did what I had to do. I had to save me life.”

We reached out to the woman who alleges she was beaten in the video. She did not want to talk to us on camera.

Allen’s next court date is set for May 9.

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