ONLY ON 3: Pender Co donated home burglarized

MAPLE HILL, NC (WWAY) — A Pender County family is speaking out after someone stole from a little girl with a learning disability.

Tammy Motley raised thousands of dollars a few months ago to move a free house down the road for her student Aaliyah.

“This is my project to Aaliyah,” Motley said.

Motley started this project by raising more than $7,000 to get that free house from a wounded warrior moved down the street.

“I want to do good for Aaliya,” Motley said. “That was my whole goal.”

Motley said the family cannot move in yet, because they are still figuring out logistics. During that time, she said someone broke in.

“The plastic in the back where we had stapled everything in, had been tore out,” Motley said.

Motley said part of the back was open, because it had to be cut during the move. She said they are still trying to get enough lumber to close it. She said someone took a dresser, a lamp, and a fairly new washing machine.

“We worked hard for this house for her and people are donating their items and basically what they’re doing is robbing from Aaliyah,” Motley said.

Motley said she reported it to the Pender County Sheriff’s Office, because someone also stole from the wounded warrior when part of the house was still on his property.

“We’ve got to make sure we take care of our community,” Motley said.

Motley said the community needs to speak up.

“If we are going to keep our mouths closed, nobody is going to do anything good for anybody anymore,” Motley said.

Until they can close up the back of the house, she said they will have to take the donated items to storage.

“Leave her stuff alone, because this is her future,” Motley said.

This is Aaliyah’s future. As for the suspect, Motley has a message for that person’s future.

“God’s going to be watching and it’ll catch up with them later,” Motley said.

If you have any information about this break-in, contact the Pender County Sheriff’s Office. If you have any furniture items or just want to help Aailyah’s family, call Tammy Motley at 910-231-4617.

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