Oregon dogs eat winning lottery scratch-off ticket

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(Photo: Oregon Lottery)

SALEM, OR (WWAY) — A pair of dogs in Oregon recently had a very unusual snack.

According to the Oregon Lottery, they received a letter last week with a torn-up ticket and a picture of two dogs.

Nathan and Rachael Lamet of Salem sent the damaged ticket to the Lottery with a note and a picture of their two Alaskan Klee Kias, “Apple” and “Jack.”

“For some reason we left the ticket on the ottoman and they decided it was delicious,” Rachel Lamet said. “I went to bed and when I woke up it was eaten to the point that I thought it was unable to be checked. But my husband thought it was hilarious and someone might get a good laugh at at the very least. He said it’s for sure a winner.”

Oregon Lottery personnel didn’t roll over, and fetched all the pieces of the ticket and were able to put the ticket back together, and soon realized the couple was right: they had an $8 winning ticket.

The Oregon Lottery does mail-in claims so players can send in their winning tickets through the mail.

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