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Apple takes on Netflix with a $5-a-month streaming service

Apple is finally taking on Netflix with its own streaming television service and, uncharacteristically for the company, offering it at a bargain price — $5 a month beginning on Nov. 1.

Apple reveals new iPhone, watch models against a backdrop of slowing sales

At its annual product showcase on Tuesday, Apple unveiled its latest crop of iPhones, rolled out a new watch and -- perhaps most important for the tech giant's future -- previewed its hotly anticipated video-streaming device, Apple TV.

Netflix subscriber drop hints at streaming-service fatigue

A dramatic slowdown in worldwide growth at Netflix is raising questions about just how much are people willing to pay for streaming services.

Apple recalls some 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops due to battery fire hazard

Apple is recalling half a million 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops due to the potential for the batteries to catch fire, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced on Thursday.

Apple watch lost at sea still works 6 months later

In most cases salt water and technology do not mix, but for one California man who thought he lost his Apple watch in the ocean, the salt was not match. 

iPhone sales are falling, and Apple’s app fees might be next

Last year, every time someone paid $11 for Netflix through an iPhone app, Apple pocketed as much as $3.30. Multiply that by every charge made through iPhone apps and you can see why Netflix and other companies are fed up about what they consider Apple's unfair market power.

Freezing rain creates ‘ghost apples’ in Michigan orchard

Widespread freezing hit western Michigan this week, leaving behind something pretty cool in area orchards.

Apple to fix FaceTime bug that allows eavesdropping

Apple has made the group chat function in FaceTime unavailable after users said there was a bug that could allow callers to activate another user's microphone remotely.

Waning iPhone demand highlights Chinese consumer anxiety

Apple Inc.'s $1,000 iPhone is a tough sell to consumers in China unnerved by an economic slump and the trade war with the U.S.

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