Parking fines raised to $100 in Carolina Beach

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) – Parking in Carolina Beach has been a point of contention since the town council voted to charge for parking off season, and now — more complaints surrounding fees associated with parking violations.

Tourists from Charlotte say they expect to pay for parking when traveling.

“There’s a lot of places that are pay to park, but you know we are here for a good time,” said James Monroe Best IV.

Those who visit Carolina beach know they have pay-to-park year-round –  but the higher- fines for infractions has given them sticker shock.

Kure Beach resident Mike Hart said he’s worried the aggressive enforcement and higher fines for infractions will deter visitors, and change atmosphere in the air.

“My thoughts are that they should let people come in without having to pay for additional parking – they (the town) should have enough resources without it,” said Hart.

Jerry Long is the general manger of Kate’s Pancake House.

The business is trying to help by making it a little easier for patrons by teaming up with surrounding business.

“Offering parking in our parking lot and the deck house parking lot, so our customer’s don’t get charged a 100 fine,” said Long. “We have these signs on the tables to warn our customers about their aggressive ticketing, they see it and move their car right away.”

According to Mayor Pro Tem Jay Healy the company handling parking is doing what they were hired to do, make sure people are following the parking rules.

“People would roll-the-dice, they would come, they wouldn’t pay for parking and they would get-away with it,” said Healy. “So a hundred dollars is a, it’s a pretty big incentive for them to pay for parking.”

Paying visitors aren’t in short-supply, according to Healy.

“Parking hasn’t slowed down, I mean we’ve been busy,” he said. “Parking lots have been jam packed, same thing with the private lots.”

Between the pandemic and inflation, the town had to figure out a way to make money, according to Healey.

“A lot of it is about revenue,” he said.  “I’m glad to say, we are not raising taxes in Carolina Beach.”

There are seven free parking spots in Carolina Beach.

“The 30-minute parking are in key spots downtown,” said Healy. “We want people to be able to run in-and-out to get ice cream, maybe some to-go food.”

An annual parking pass for residents, as well as property and business owners will cost $40 per car, and  $60 per year golf cart every year.

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