Pender County candidates and voters attend forum ahead of May primary

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — With just a few weeks until the primary election, voters heard from Pender County candidates on Thursday night.

Candidates for county commission, school board, sheriff and clerk of court all came out to the Pender County Government Hampstead Annex.

One of the most talked about races in the area is for Pender County Sheriff.

Current Sheriff, Carson Smith, will leave office at the end of the year and eight people are seeking his post.

A host of issues sit in front of the men seeking to become Pender County’s newest sheriff in more than a decade.

“It’s a hard choice a lot of them have really good experience,” Pender County resident, Larry Brown said.

Seven republicans are on the ballot for sheriff for voters coming into the May primary.

Each voter with their issues they hope one of these men can address as sheriff.

“School safety is one of my big issues because like I said I retired from the school system,” Charles Williamson, who lives near rocky point, said.

“I think Hampstead needs more deputy Sheriff’s in the area,” Pender County resident, Sandra Brown said. “Because like
they say it takes a long time even for a traffic accident for one to be able to respond.”

Candidates also talked about managing the sheriff’s office budget.

Some worry it will need changes to remain consistent with the county’s growth.

Besides that, there are simple things that voters hope to see out of a new sheriff.

“To be in the community around the community, will be a great help I think for people,” Williamson said.

Voters left optimistic as seven candidates sit on the ballot, but only one can make it to November.

“I think we are in pretty good hands with whoever gets it I think,” Larry Brown said.

Larry Brown, Randy Burton, Joeseph Cina, Alan Cutler, Lawrence Fennell, Jimmie Stokes, Jason Spivey and Chester Ward are the eight candidates running for Pender County Sheriff.

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