People will vote on the sale of beer and wine in Dublin

DUBLIN, NC (WWAY) –To sell or not to sell beer and wine. That is the question for one Bladen county town. The people of Dublin will vote on a referendum tomorrow. Dublin is a dry town but it might not be for long.

Inman’s IGA co-owner, Melissa Lockamy, wants the chance to stock the grocery store shelves with beer and wine. She thinks it would benefit more than her store.

“I think it would be very good for the community cause it may bring more businesses to the community. Right now, nobody really wants to come because it’s such a limited sales group. I think it would be great for our business cause it will bring more business. People wouldn’t have to go to Elizabethtown or Lumberton just to buy alcohol,” Lockamy said.

The town’s mayor and board of commissioners are letting voters decide whether to approve the sale of beer and wine.

“I’m the one that actually made the motion to put it on the ballet because I think the the people- anytime I can get the people an opportunity to vote on the decision, I like to give them the opportunity to vote on it themselves,” David Hursey, Dublin mayor pro tem, said.

But not everyone is on board with the idea.

“We’re mostly in the bible belt right here and most of the people used to go to Elizabethtown to get it, if they’re going to get it. That’s the alcoholics in our neighborhood. But I think we’d be better off without it,” David Vann said.

“As far as going in to the store and buying it and taking it home and drink it, I think that’s, in my opinion, that’s okay. But as far as serving it to the public, that’s opening up a new can of worms,” James Bryan said.

If passed, Dublin would follow in the footsteps of White Lake, who approved alcohol sales last year. Hursey encourages anyone who feels passionately about this to come out and vote.

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