Pet hotels filling up for the holidays at record pace

NEW HANOVER COUNTY (WWAY) — With more people traveling this year, many are trying to figure out what to do with their pets. With local dog hotels reporting a record year, pet-owning last minute travelers could be in the dog house.

“We’ve gotten a lot of calls after being booked out. They are pretty shocked, because they’re saying the same thing about everyone else,” said the Barkington’s owner, Lourdes Perez.

Those waiting until now to board their pups are having a “ruff” time finding a facility. Many dog hostels have been booked for months.

“We start getting reservations around August for Thanksgiving time. Thanksgiving is our heaviest boarding holiday.”

Some facilities have two to three page waitlists. Perez and the Dog House’s Lyrech Hilt said there’s been a major increase of boarders compared 2020.

“Usually we do book up at least 3 weeks in advance or so but to be this far ahead is a good thing, but also, we wish we could accommodate everybody you know,” said Perez.
Hilt continued, “Especially this year. This year, we have extremely high volumes of boarding because once CDC restrictions were lifted everyone was so excited to go out and travel.”

Now that many are able to see loved ones for the first time in months, Hilt believes dog hotels have grown in popularity. The dog lover is excited about the increase in business, and can’t wait to see his Thanksgiving go to the dogs.

“And we really get to know the dogs one on one. And what there needs are and what they want. And I think it adds a level of security to owning a dog. Learning that there are people who care about your dog.”

Though most places are also booked up for Christmas, the Dog House is still accepting reservations. Both boarding facilities recommend dog sitters as holiday alternatives.

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