Photographers help bridge distance for military families

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Picture this: A local non-profit is spanning the distance between military families while on deployment one photo shoot at a time. works to capture memories in pictures for military families that they can cherish at home or away.

The organization’s mission is simple: send a little bit of home to those who sacrifice their lives for our freedom.

Marine wife Sarah says sometimes her active duty husband is not able to share important moments with their family, especially since the birth of their daughter Hailey. Sarah says sharing pictures helps.

“We have to be able to share, whether he is here or not here, these moments,” Sarah said. “Sometimes they are in the field, and sometimes they are not able to be with us in important moments in life, so it’s just good to capture that.”

The hearts apart program started right here in Wilmington and has spread across the country. Photographer Brownie Harris take the photos for free. He says it’s the least he could do.

“It’s very significant for the families to have photographs of the families while being deployed,” Harris said. “And that was the first idea of having photographs that the deployed person can put in their pocket. So we’ve extended that idea to photographing babies that the husbands have not seen while they’re deployed.”

Harris says the photographers love to bring families together, regardless of how far apart they may be.

Sarah says it means the world to her family to be given this gift, so that she can always share the memories, even when her husband is away.

“It is a sacrifice, and it does mean so much to us, because they might miss personal moments that we can’t get back.”

It’s a snapshot of the homefront to keep them going on the warfront.

If you would like to get involved, visit

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