Police chief gives update on worker injured at Southport ferry terminal

SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — A worker injured in an accident at the Southport-Fort Fisher Ferry Terminal is on the road to recovery.

On Thursday, Southport Police Chief Todd Coring gave an update on the man’s condition, and described the the rescue efforts after the man was hit in the head by a piling.

“Apparently they were doing some repair on some of the bulkhead and they had a barge with a crane device on the barge,” Coring said. “What they told us is that one of the pilings came loose as they were trying to move it and struck a gentleman and knocking him unconscious.”

Coring arrived on scene minutes after the incident as crews worked to recover the unconscious man from the barge below.

“It was about 8-12 feet that they had to set up ladders and ropes and that kind of thing to lower the equipment down so the EMS could get them down on the barge to stabilize the patient,” Coring said.

Coring says luckily the man was wearing a hard hat and other safety equipment. He was airlifted to New Hanover Regional Medical Center via Airlink where he is undergoing treatment.

“We’ve had a lot of calls about how he’s doing and they said he was stable and that he was in the hospital and would have to have some surgery, but they said he is stable,” Coring said.

The man suffered broken bones and injuries that will require surgery. The accident is under review by officials with the NCDOT Ferry Division.

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