Police: Teen UPS employee stole $1K worth of holiday packages

MIAMI, FL (WSVN) — An 18-year-old UPS worker stole the holiday packages he was trusted to deliver, according to police in Miami.

Emmanuel Reggin took a holiday job this year with UPS. He no longer has that job, because now he has felony charges of grand theft.

“You’re 18 and you got a chance to work and then you go and allegedly do something pretty stupid stealing the packages,” the judge said to Reggin.

Investigators said Reggin was on the job helping a full-time delivery driver unload packages. He was then caught on camera hiding some packages when the full-time driver was not looking.

He then went back after his shift and collected the packages, which were filled with electronics like tablets and PlayStation 4s.

During his first court appearance, Reggin received a tongue-lashing from the judge.

“I don’t know if that’s the path in life you want to take, but I would think not. I would think you would want to get a job, stay out of trouble and have a nice life. Good luck to you sir.”

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