Poll finds Wilmington most popular NC city

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)– A survey conducted by Public Policy Polling has found that Wilmington is North Carolina’s favorite city.

Raleigh and Asheville were tied for second place. Winston-Salem came in third, followed by Greensboro in fourth.

Fayetteville was ranked as the least popular of the 12 cities listed.

This is the second time Wilmington has achieved the best-in-state title in this particular survey.

Almost all cities had similar standings to the same poll’s 2012 results. Charlotte, however, dropped a total of 12 points in its spread of favorable vs. unfavorable opinion. The researchers attributed this to movement among Republicans.

“In 2012, Charlotte was at +51 with Democrats (66/15), and now it’s at +52 (68/16). But with Republicans, in the wake of the HB2 debate, Charlotte’s dropped from +30 (51/21) all the way down to break even at 38/38,” the report stated.

The “best city” debate wasn’t the only one researchers attempted to answer.

When asked the age-old question, “State or Carolina?” 33 percent of North Carolinians chose UNC basketball, 19 percent voted for Duke and 16 percent chose NC State.

The study also found that North Carolinians greatly prefer Krispy Kreme to Dunkin Donuts, particularly native North Carolinians.

As for the most crucial question of all, “Eastern style or Western style barbecue?” Eastern style beat Western 42/31. The study noted that Republicans (40/33 for Eastern) and Democrats (39/34 for Eastern) had almost identical opinions on the issue, a small comfort “in these divided times.”

Full poll results can be viewed here

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