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‘I Do’ And Donuts: Couple gets married at Dunkin’

A Massachusetts couple reunited for extra-sweet wedding vows at the same Dunkin' Donuts where their young love splintered nearly 30 years ago.

Police detective sues Dunkin’ Donuts after employee spit in coffee

A Menomonee Falls police detective is suing Dunkin' Donuts because an employee spit in his drink.

Dunkin’ ready for fall with earlier seasonal faves

Dunkin' is proving it's never too early for pumpkin spice... the coffee and donut chain released its new fall lineup.

Tasty waves, a cool buzz: Man surfs with coffee cup board

A New Hampshire man placed second in an innovation contest after fashioning a surfboard out of hundreds of used Dunkin' Donuts coffee cups.

VIDEO: Dunkin’ Donuts fires workers for dumping water on homeless man

Two employees at a Dunkin' Donuts eatery in Syracuse, New York, have been fired after one dumped water on a homeless man who had nodded off as his cell phone was charging. 

Just Dunkin’: Dunkin’ Donuts to change its name

Doughnuts are still on the menu, but the company is renaming itself "Dunkin'" to reflect its increasing emphasis on coffee and other drinks.

Leland restaurant closes, others on the way

There are some changes coming to the Town of Leland that may affect where you grab a cup of coffee or a hot meal.

Dunkin’ Donuts loses food service permit due to health violation

An area Dunkin' Donuts is without hot water and lost its food service permit on Friday. However, you can still buy donuts and coffee.

Dunkin’ Donuts creates limited edition Royal Love Donut

Donuts is getting into the spirit of the royal wedding with the creation of the new Royal Love Donut.

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