Polo Ralph Lauren unveils Team USA uniforms for winter olympics

Polo Ralph Lauren unveils Team USA uniforms for winter Olympics (Photo: CBS/Reuters)

BEIJING (CBS) — As the world gears up for the XXIV Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, China, next month, Polo Ralph Lauren unveiled its design for Team USA athletes closer to home in New York City on Thursday.

These are the official Olympic Uniforms that American athletes will wear at the Opening Ceremony on February 4, as well as casual wear for the Olympic Village

Polo Ralph Lauren has been outfitting team USA since 2008.

This year the U.S. fashion designer partnered with textile innovation company Skyscrape to bring to market a sustainably-minded temperature responsive fabric.

As temperatures drop, the fabric expands to increase the amount of insulation provided by the garment. As temperatures rise, the fabric contracts to provide a cooling effect.

Two-time U.S. Olympian bobsledder Aja Evans said the temperature-responsive jacket is her favorite piece in this year’s collection.

“What’s really cool about the jacket is the intelligent installation technology. So instead of needing, like, to have warmth, when we go outside, it warms us up. And then when we’re inside, it kind of helps keep us cool and maintain our body heat,” she said. “So I think that’s awesome. And all of the products within the collection are sustainable and so it makes me feel good that, you know, it’s good for the environment as well.”

The XXIV Winter Olympic Games will kick off on February 14 and close on February 20.

Due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19, tickets for the Winter Olympics will be distributed to “targeted” groups of people and will not be sold to the general public.

Organizers had said in September that there would not be any international spectators at the Games, under COVID-19 prevention policies that have all but shut China’s borders to international travelers.

The organizing committee said local spectators who receive tickets must observe strict COVID-19 prevention measures before, during and after attending Olympic events.

It did not specify how tickets would be distributed.

Evans said she’s excited and honored to attend her third Games, in spite of COVID-19 restrictions.

“They’re taking every precaution possible to make sure the athletes stay healthy and safe as well as everyone else,” she said.

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