Pro surfer rescues woman struggling in rough water on Hawaii’s North Shore

(CNN) — A professional surfer is being hailed as a hero after rescuing a woman swept into the powerful waves of the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii.

Mikey Wright was enjoying a beer and filming the waves on Oahu’s North Shore on December 31 when he realized something was wrong. He asked his wife to hold his phone and beer, jumped over the fence and ran onto the beach, as seen in a video.

“We just seen this wave come up and sweep this lady off the rocks and started to drag her out to sea,” Wright told CNN. “It all happened really fast and we kind of had to jump right into action.”

The 24-year-old surfer managed to get to the woman and hold onto her as the waves thrashed against them, talking to her repeatedly.

“I said, ‘We’re going to be all right,'” Wright said. “‘You’re going to get in. It’s OK.’ And I just kept telling her that and kept telling her to just hold on and don’t let go.”

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