Proposed water plant creates concerns for residents

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Leland residents and town leaders met Saturday morning to discuss a proposed water plant that has some folks in Magnolia Greens in an uproar.

H2Go bought property in Leland last year to build the plant to treat ground water but was turned down by the town council. Now, the company thinks it has another spot for it.

“The location is right directly behind many of the homes in Magnolia Greens,” said resident Ralph Maggio.

This would mean a new neighbor for hundreds for people.

Maggio said, “The project would be built within 100 feet of Magnolia Greens and that is in Belville. Magnolia Greens is in Leland, so it is a really strange situation where you can build something there and impact the residents of a whole other town.”

Maggo says residents have many concerns, “Environmentally it is going to impact us. It is going to impact us financially. It is going to impact our real estate values.”

Conrad White says he hopes the company will re-evaluate the proposed location.

“I moved down here 8 1/2 years ago, and one of the reasons why we bought on this street because there was open land behind us,” White said.

The Town of Belville has been more receptive to allowing development of the water plant than in Leland.

White is looking towards state representatives for help.

White said, “We really hope that they are going to become involved with this problem that we think is a problem.”

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