Raleigh blocks promotions for unvaccinated city workers

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) — Unvaccinated workers at the City of Raleigh will not be considered for job promotions until they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Some Raleigh first responders say that’s too far and are sounding the alarm.

Raleigh’s vaccine mandate for city workers was announced in August. It requires city employees to be fully vaccinated by Sept. 17 or submit to weekly testing.

But the details tying vaccinations to promotions are so new that it’s not written into official city policy yet. Still, word is trickling down from supervisors at Raleigh police and fire that starting January 1 — if officers or fire fighters want to be considered for a job promotion, they have to be fully vaccinated for COVID.

“It is not being received well at all,” said Raleigh Fire Local 548 President Andrew Davis.

City Hall told ABC11 the policy applies to all city workers, not just public safety personnel. Moreover, police and fire are being given extra time to comply.

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