Reaction split after decision to repeal HB2

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Democratic and Republican Caucasus were split today when they voted to pass HB 142, much like the reaction of people here in our area.

Many people think there was only one real winner today.

“I don’t think anyone is going to be pleased with this solution,” Conservative radio host Chad Adams said. “I think at the end of the day the NCAA is the big winner because they used their power to control our legislature to get something that they wanted.”

House Bill 142 was supposed to be the compromise solution for House Bill 2.

But it has conservatives in our area asking questions of who it’s helping.

“I think many people are going to walk away somewhat confused,” Adams said. “The people who don’t understand may be pleased.”

The same questions are coming from the left.

Members of the LGBT community say it simply doubles down on discrimination, particularly on transgender people.

“There’s nothing in this world worse than being discriminated against,” Cape Fear Equality Chair Lorraine Barnes said. “Whether it’s based on your skin color or who you love or how you identify. There’s nothing worse than that, and if you don’t understand that, how do you even have a right to vote on that?”

Leslie and Jeff Cohen are parents to two transgender children.

They say people are now scared of trans people thanks to HB2 and HB142 has allowed for no protections for them and even prevents local governments from passing new nondiscrimination protections.

“I feel like they made it illegal to put your house out if it was on fire,” Jeff Cohen said. “Now, they’ve set our house on fire.”

“What’s happened is my children’s rights have been sold off to bring basketball back to North Carolina,” Leslie Cohen said. “When I think about that I just feel sick.”

The question now, will the new law bring major college sporting events back to the Tar Heel State?

The NCAA is set to announce championship sites through 2022 on April 18th.

Another person reacting to the news is Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts.

She has become a central figure in the HB2 debate.

After all, it was Charlottes’ non-discrimination ordinance that sparked HB2.

This afternoon she shared her thoughts on today’s votes writing in part.

“Personally, I would like nothing more than a repeal of HB2, but this is not a repeal nor is this a reset. This is a rejection of Charlotte’s and North Carolina’s progressive, inclusive values. We are not HB2, and we are not today’s false repeal.”

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