Red Cross explains most useful supplies for flood victims

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Tens of thousands across the Carolinas are still dealing with the aftermath of historic rainfall from earlier this week.

As many gather items to help those in need, the Red Cross is sharing what donations are most useful.

Cape Fear Chapter’s Disaster Program Specialist James Jarvis says “Money is what they need often times more than anything because they can put food on their tables for their children, they can replace items that have been lost in the disaster, and they can put a roof over their heads.”

The Red Cross says because it’s the fastest way to help people affected by disasters.

In troubled times, many think clothes, water, and food are the most important items to donate but Jarvis says money is the best way.

“We give to client so they can use to pay for hotels stays,” said Jarvis.

This gives families a place to go when there’s no where else to go.

Jarvis said, “You want a nice place to stay to lay your head at night while you process what happened to you and how we can recover from this particular circumstance.”

Jarvis says 6 of Red Cross trucks and 15 people from the Cape Fear have been sent south so far.

If you have clothes you would like to donate, Jarvis says take them to your local Salvation Army that way your help can be used for disasters people are faced with every day.

Jarvis says although we didn’t see the brunt of the storm, the Cape Fear was still hit pretty hard.

“There are a number of residents down in the Brunswick County especially the Carolina Shores area that we have that we’ve helped,” said Jarvis.

Jarvis says several blood drives across the area were forced to be canceled so if you can donate blood you are asked to step forward and do so.

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