Rep. Rouzer meets with students pushing for gun reform

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — For several weeks now the group “March For Our Lives“, made up of students demanding gun reform, have asked Rep. David Rouzer (R-7th District) to meet with them. That request came true Thursday.

Rouzer held a private meeting with student leaders at his office in Wilmington this afternoon.

Several students kicked off the heated discussion by addressing current gun laws, banning bump stocks, among other issues.

“Definitely the gun violence, mental illness, and the school violence,” student, Jessica Franks said.

Things got heated several times during the meeting, especially when they asked Rouzer about taking money from the National Rifle Association.

“I do think that he got the message that we’re not backing down,” student, Kaylyn Koone said. “When we want an answer to a simple question, we’re going to ask you until you actually give us an answer.”

March For Our Lives was formed shortly after the deadly Parkland school shooting. Its goal, to increase gun safety laws.

“Working with those in power per se to help formulate a plan to do so,” Koone said.

While Rouzer wants more school safety, he disagrees with banning guns in general.

“If I knew that the doors were locked, if I knew that there were off-duty, undercover officers around the school I’d feel far safer under that environment than I would knowing that congress passed a law banning all guns frankly,” Rouzer said.

Rouzer adds it is the person pulling the trigger, not the gun, that is the problem.

“It all goes back, you know, to the individual and what do we need to do as a society to make sure that these individuals don’t fall through the cracks,” Rouzer said. “That we get them the help that they need when they need it so that we can prevent these school tragedies.”

While many of the students did not see eye to eye with the congressman they were glad they could sit down and share their points of view.

“I think it’s very beneficial that he was able to hear our voice,” Franks said.

March For Our Lives is a group of student leaders from various high schools across New Hanover County. They say they are not against guns, but rather against people being killed by guns and will not stop pushing for safer gun laws.

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