School board votes to close four public schools in Columbus County

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The Columbus County School Board voted to close nearly a quarter of its public schools Monday night.

Parents, teachers and other in the community have been pleading with the board to reconsider the superintendent’s controversial proposal to close four schools over the past several weeks.

Those schools include Guideway Elementary, Hallsboro and Acme Delco Middle Schools and one of the two Columbus Career and College Academy campuses. The proposal was first revealed in December.

Despite more pleas Monday night, the board voted to close those schools.

“I’m not sure if my son will get the same teachers, I’m not sure if my son will enter into that environment and succeed,” Guideway parent Nico Laguna said. “Guideway just offers those opportunities whereas it just gives everybody a chance. Not to say these other schools won’t, but I just know Guideway is special with their teachers. It’s kind of got me worried as a parent.”

The four schools will close in June. Old Dock Elementary School will become a K-4, and Nakina Middle School will become a 5-8.

Acme Delco Elementary School and Hallsboro-Artesia Elementary School will become K-6 schools. East Columbus High School will become a 7-12.

The Career and College Academy classes will be moved to Southeastern Community College.

Also part of the plan approved by the board:

Construct a PK-8 school in the eastern end beginning in 3-5
▪Complete construction of PK-8 at Cerro Gordo, close
Evergreen School and Cerro Gordo School (2021)
▪Complete construction of PK-8 at Tabor City, close Tabor
City MS and Tabor City ES (2022)

Click here to read the full plan.

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