School with 44 sets of twins in one year sets world records

At one high school in Winnetka, Illinois seeing double is part of their daily routine.

That’s because the sophomore class at New Trier High School in the Chicago suburbs is so full of twins they have set not one, but two Guinness World Records: most twins and most multiples in a single academic year at one school.

The sophomore class at New Trier boasts 44 sets of twins and one set of triplets. In all, about 10 percent of the sophomore class is comprised of multiples.

“Anytime we have twins, we always give parents an option whether they want to have them in the same class, so I think that it no longer becomes an option in this class,” school principal Denise Dubravec told ABC News.

In a class with over 1,000 students, the 91 in the record-setting bunch exceed the national average for multiples by nearly three times, the school said in a press release..

Staff at the school say the students have a special bond.

“You know if you’re a twin you’re not going to stick out at this school, there are plenty of other kids in the same boat,” Niki Dizon, the school’s communications director told ABC News.

New Trier shattered the previous record of 24 sets held by nearby Highcrest Middle School in Wilmette.

Twins Luke and Ryan Novosel did their first double take when they were students at Highcrest.

“It’s pretty cool to be surrounded by others like us,” they said, according to the press release.

The Novosels said they knew their unique group would only double after combining with the five other elementary districts that feed into New Trier.

“We knew we had another record coming in to New Trier,” Luke Novosel told ABC affiliate WLS.

Anna Hinrichs is one of the triplets she said it’s not all that different.

“There’s just one extra,” she told WLS. “It’s a sister and she’s right by your side.”

The school says the females dominate with 19 girl-girl sets of twins versus 11 male-male.

And if you’re worried about telling them apart, only three pairs are identical.

Regardless, these students say they are just excited to be part of the record books.

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