Several tagged sharks swimming off North Carolina coast

It’s an apex predator party of sorts off the coast of North Carolina with six Great White sharks currently swimming offshore.

The OCEARCH Shark Tracker shows several familiar faces and some new ones.

Just offshore of the Cape Lookout National Seashore, outside Raleigh Bay, Gladee and Freya are pinging.

Gladee is a 400-pound, 8’8” juvenile female that was tagged in Canada last October. She pinged near Wilmington in early March.

Freya was tagged about two weeks ago by OCEARCH researchers near Morehead.

The organization has been collecting shark data on the coast of the Carolinas, as well as the waters near Georgia and Florida, collaborating with 42 scientists from 28 research institutions to collect information for 23 science projects. One of the questions they were working to answer? Is the coast of North Carolina a breeding ground for Great Whites?

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