Severe weather causes commotion for drivers; no relief for wildfires

NEW HANOVER AND PENDER COUNTY (WWAY) — Severe weather rolled into the region early Wednesday afternoon, flooding streets and cars across the Cape Fear. Although the area has been in a serious drought over the last couple of months, the instantaneous rush of water caused by the heavy rain overwhelmed the area.

Deep water on streets caused confusion for drivers on their commute home. Even after the storms passed, cars were backed up for miles while trying to figure out how to navigate through drenched roads. Some folks even found their cars flooded as waters rose above doors in parking lots.

Many may think the downpours would be beneficial for the raging wildfires in Pender County, but fire officials say only the outer Eastern edge of the fire saw any precipitation. They say the fire is still controlled by containment lines that were set prior to the storms.

Officials do warn however, that the combination of high humidity from wet ground and smoke from the wildfire could cause a serious problem from drivers Thursday morning. They say these two components could combine to form “super fog” which would result in zero visibility along roadways. Stay tuned to WWAY for updates on the “super fog” and traffic conditions for your morning commute.

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