Community weighs in on Soda Pop District development

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The former Coca-Cola bottling and distribution facility in Wilmington is getting a makeover. But not everyone in the community is happy about it.

The City of Wilmington held a workshop Saturday to get residents to discuss what kind of new additions they would like to see in their neighborhood.

We’re trying to just get the sense from the community,” Wilmington Senior Planner Phil Prete said. “What they’d like to see happen in this area, what they don’t want to see happen. Just so we can formulate a concept plan for how this area might be able to redevelop.”

The old Coca-Cola bottling and distribution facility on North 10th and Princess streets is causing quite the controversy among developers and residents. While some argue this meeting gave community members a chance to voice their opinion, others argue the opposite.

“The meeting gave the residents the opportunity to just think, to think about what we’d like to see in the area,” realtor Gwendolyn Flowers said. “I like the idea that we’re being asked.”

Resident Glenn Wilson doesn’t agree.

“I feel that it was not basically for information or to give us any information. It was just to say that we were alerted to the fact that they’re gonna impose whatever they want on our neighborhood,” Wilson said

In the meeting organizers and developers made it clear they want the community’s input, but the final decision on what the new site will be turned into remains in their hands.

Developer Jim McFarland says the site will most likely turn into a retail center with the possibility of a grocery story and restaurant. But as of right now, no solid plans have been made.

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