Southport Christian School continues its recovery after devastating fire

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Southport Christian School is in the process of recovery following last week’s fire that made the school’s main building, likely a total loss.

The fire raged through the 12,000 square foot building, which housed its pre-k through 6th grade classrooms, office and library. Middle and high school students returned to class on Tuesday, since their building wasn’t affected.

The school’s office administrator says they are thankful for the community’s support through GoGundMe, and donations.

“It just kept coming, everybody’s been making drop off locations for school supplies, donating money, which enabled me to go buy chromebooks, so that we could start, you know, on-time, and we’ll have chromebooks next week for some of our younger kids. So, that made all of that possible,” said Valerie Wallace, Southport Christian School’s office adminstrator.

She says local churches and businesses have also offered them space to teach their students for the remainder of the month, to help them complete the school year in-person.

“The church here opened up part of their sanctuary area for our sixth grade to meet, so that they can change classes, because they change classes with 7th and 8th grade. The whole community has just kind of pulled together, and offered space and all of that, so we’re starting Monday at Fort Caswell,” said Wallace.

Wallace says the school is beginning to look at options to house students for the next school year, if the building is unable to be rebuilt.

“So we’re looking at a lot of different options, temporary, modular, other locations, just trying to be really creative for that, for where we’re going to be,” said Wallace. “We have some really great options. So, people have asked are you going to be here, absolutely we’re going to be here, we’re going to be educating.”

Investigators with the Southport Fire Department believe the fire was likely caused by an electrical issue. Private investigators are also looking into the cause of the fire.

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