Staffing issues in northeastern airports impact ILM travel times

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Because of the government shutdown, there is a lack of air traffic controllers at major airports across the northeast. This had an effect on many travelers at Wilmington International Airport Friday morning.

LaGuardia Airport in New York City had several staffing issues. Since that airport has a direct flight to and from Wilmington, it delayed several flights at Wilmington International Airport.

The airport’s Deputy Director Gary Broughton says the 35-day shutdown has not impacted the day-to-day operations at the airport due to the dedication of the staff.

“[I am] very pleased to say that our air traffic controllers and our TSA workers that staff the checkpoint here have all been showing up to work on time and working through their shifts,” said Broughton. “The dedication of these federal employees here in Wilmington has been exemplary.”

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