Students attending online classes without internet access

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — This year, a lot of kids are attending school online. But what happens when you don’t even have internet access?

Most Pender County students attend a kind of hybrid school part online and part in person. But some parents are concerned their children are falling behind.

“Two days you do go to school. The other three days they have to do things on the internet. And they don’t have the internet,” a concerned parent told us.

More than eight percent of Pender County has no internet access, and without WiFi, kids could lose up to three days a week of valuable class time.

To address this, the county and school system have provided several parking lot hot spots, where students can remain in their cars and gain internet access.

But as one parent brought up, “How do you get a six to seven year old to a hot spot, while their parents are working?

Alex Riley, Pender County School’s communication directors says school hot spots are available until seven each night, and some county hot spots are open 24 hours a day.

Parents or guardians can drive to one of their locations, park, and download their children’s work so they can access it offline.

But if families need help beyond that, Riley says, “If they are a family in need of a hot spot to take to their home, we are working to see if that’s a possibility.”

Riley informed us Pender County Schools reached out to the state for assistance, and should hear back sometime this week or next.

After that, they hope to be able to provide hot spots to those in need.

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