Sunset Beach deannexation bill nears final approval

SUNSET BEACH, NC (WWAY) — One more vote in Raleigh could make the Town of Sunset Beach a little smaller.

Senate Bill 289 passed its second reading in the NC House yesterday. The bill would allow the owners of Sunset Creek Commons, a senior living facility, to deannex their property from the town.

It all started last year when Sen. Bill Rabon (R-Brunswick County) introduced Senate Bill 875 in the General Assembly. The bill would have deannexed three properties, Palm Cove, Sunset Beach West and Sunset Commons apartments from the Town of Sunset Beach. The bill died in committee last June.

Sunset Beach Mayor Bob Forrester told WWAY earlier this year two those problems were resolved, but not the dispute with Sunset Creek Commons.

Rabon submitted SB289 this year to address the dispute, which stems from the amount of inspection fees charged by the town.

Rabon tells WWAY if the bill passes its third reading in the House, it will become law. So-called local bills, which SB289 is, do not require the governor’s signature.

If the bill becomes law, Sunset Creek Commons would no longer be subject to town taxes and regulations.

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