2017 Super Bowl commercials: The good, the bad, & the ugly

US (CBS Sports) — What looked like a stinker of a Super Bowl in the making turned into something pretty compelling in the fourth quarter thanks to a furious comeback by the Patriots, things got pretty interesting late.

As for the commercials? You could say they followed a similar script.

After a first-half that was met largely with a collective shrug, things picked up on the advertising side after halftime, with a collection of buzzworthy spots that included a live Snickers ad, a pro-immigration Budweiser ad, a plea for equal pay for women from Audi, and more.

The biggest buzz of the first half came from 84 Lumber, the construction company that had their initial ad rejected by Fox for using a border wall at the end of their commercial. The company showed a different version of the ad during their Super Bowl spot and pointed people to their website to see the full ad, but their server apparently couldn’t handle the traffic, as many were greeted with an error message.

You can find the 84 Lumber ad that made the cut for the Super Bowl in the link below, along with all the other notable commercials and the Twitter reaction to each.

See the best Super Bowl commercials at CBS Sports.

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