Superintendent Sit-Down: New Hanover County Schools

School was closed yesterday in the county because of the teacher rally in Raleigh. Markley said the day was an opportunity to go up in an organized and peaceful way to have conversations with legislators. He understands teachers are asking for more than just higher pay.

"When you see 20,000 people marching down the street in Raleigh, that's a pretty clear message that they think there are some things that can be improved," Markley said.

When it comes to poverty in the county, Markley explained that federal funding allows the schools to put money into the higher poverty areas. He said in those areas, there are smaller class sizes and extra resources. Priority funding also helps to target the high poverty areas.

Many parents in New Hanover County are concerned about redistricting. Markley said the board decided to delay implementing the plan for some time because they want to continue looking at growth patterns and the impact of a new elementary student opening up.

Markley also addressed year-round schools in the county. He said there are currently five in the county and that the district is currently looking into the effectiveness of them. As of now, there are no plans to turn them back to traditional schools.

When discussing parental involvement in a student's life, Markley said a parent is a child's first teacher, so it's important they are actively involved. He hopes parents, especially in higher poverty areas, continue helping educational development outside of the classroom.

Although New Hanover County Schools are one of the fastest growing areas in the state, growth is one of the struggles for the district, according to Markley. He explained the district is working to manage the growth and make use of all their resources. Another struggle for the area is retaining good teachers and making sure they have all the resources they need to be effective in the classroom.

We still have two more superintendents from our area to sit down with on Good Morning Carolina.

Columbus Co. Schools Superintendent Alan Faulk is scheduled for Friday, May 19. Whiteville City Schools Superintendent Kenny Garland is scheduled for Monday, May 21.

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