Supply man regaining independence after hunting accident left him paralyzed

SUPPLY, NC (WWAY) — Stacey Ridgeway used to be an avid hunter, who loved spending time outside in the woods. But last November, Ridgeway fell nearly 30 feet from a tree stand, crushing vertebrae and becoming paralyzed from the waist down.

Following the accident, a billboard for a GoFundMe was placed along Highway 17, catching the eye of Monty and Angela Fuller.

“It was, ‘okay, what can we find that will help him to continue to have a quality of life?’,” Monty Fuller said. “Where he can enjoy himself, his family can enjoy their time with him, and he can continue to move forward.”

The Fullers and their Renewal by Andersen company say they recognized Stacey, who has done plumbing work on a house build for them.

They say they didn’t want to simply contribute money, instead donating a brand new, fully accessible truck to help Stacey.

“It has been unbelievable, the difference it has made in my life,” Stacey said. “To be able to go and come as I need, to do things outdoors. To not be dependent on someone for everything all the time.”

Stacey’s wife Brandy believes the Fullers were meant to see the billboard, especially considering they were traveling to an area they don’t normally go to.

“As many cars that passed that sign, for them to be the particular ones to see that at that particular time,” Brandy said. ” I think that was all orchestrated by God, to make that happen.”

Angela Fuller says it has been rewarding to see how the truck has helped Stacey’s life, with him having just as much of an impact on them.

“Inspired, by the way he took a terrible, terrible situation and really has just found a way to move forward and have a good life,” Fuller said.

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