Supply woman looks for solution for ‘serious’ skeeter problem

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Nuisance, pest, menace, all words to describe what a Brunswick County woman said is taking over her yard.

It’s a pesky problem that won’t go away. Mosquitoes have been leaving their mark on Diane Peavy and her family for quite some time.

“Everybody has mosquitoes, I mean we’re near the coast, we’re gonna have mosquitoes, but everybody talks about emptying your water, standing water and all that I can’t empty that and it’s just a mosquito condo down there,” said Peavy.

Peavy’s neighbors, the beavers, have been building a dam in the creek in their backyard.

The stagnant water is breeding more mosquitoes than normal and causing health issues, Peavy says.

“My husband has a hard time with the mosquitoes, swelling, my daughter she got bit by the yellow flies that come off of it and by the time we got her to the doctor she about had gangrene, so it’s a health issue as far as an aggravation issue,” said Peavy.

Peavy said the beavers have been building this dam for a couple of years. She hopes moving the beavers will stem the flow of mosquitoes.

“I would like to have someone come and relocate these beaver, ya know, like I said they’re all over the county and most of them are near bridges, so I mean its dangerous for everybody,” Peavy said.

Peavy said she’s called Brunswick County to get help, but feels she’s been brushed aside.

We got in touch with Brunswick County vector control supervisor,  Jeff Brown,who said the county’s beaver management program can help her.

“It’s free to all residents of Brunswick County where all they have to do is call me and I will get them put on a list during trapping season. We will go out and address the beaver population,” Brown said.

Peavy is grateful for anything that will help salvage her summer, outdoors.

Brown told us after talking with WWAY and Peavy he will be making a visit to her property tomorrow.

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