Tarana Burke brings ‘Me Too’ conversation to Seahawk campus

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — UNCW Students got the unique opportunity to hear first hand from the “Me Too” movement founder Tarana Burke.

Burke started the lecture by asking the crowd to name any familiar accusers. The crowded shouted out a dozen names, but the crowd grew hush when Burke responded.

“It’s not about the people you shouted out, but the people you didn’t,” Burke said.

Burke said it is important to understand the movement is not about the familiar celebrity names, but the everyday people that are not put on display for their wrongdoing.

CARE, a campus organization that advocates for prevention and response of sexual assault, relationship abuse, stalking and harassment, was one of the staple vendors at the campus event.

“We have had an average of about 130 students every semester who come in to talk to us about various issues related to interpersonal violence,” CARE Director Jen Adler said. “Not all of those happening this semester and on campus. Some of them have happened a long time ago but a lot of people coming in needing support advocacies.”

Adler, CARE Director, says Tuesday’s conversation is aimed to make survivors feel comfortable.

“It’s about letting survivors know they have a safe place to come talk to and they are not alone,” Adler said. “…as a culture we need to make the shift to end interpersonal violence and sexual assault.”

Students were also able to add their painted palm to CARE’s “Me Too” blanket display.

“This is an idea that our student workers in our office decided to come up with so that everybody on campus has the opportunity to to show their support for survivors and to show as a campus that we care about ending these issues,” Adler said.

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