Teacher uses ‘Elf on the Shelf’ to keep watchful eye on students

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Keeping students focused prior to the holiday break isn’t an easy task, but a teacher at Town Creek Elementary School has a little helper to keep a watchful eye over her students.

As Alyxandra Ingram teaches her kindergartners how to read, “Jingles” the elf is listening.

Ingram has spent most of her 14-year teaching career at Town Creek. She loves working with her students and encourages them to give themselves positive affirmations for doing good work.

She often tells them to “kiss their brain” in which the kids kiss their hand and then touch the top of their head.

“I like for them to be proud of themselves, and a lot of times when we finish something and they do really good, I’ll tell them to kiss their brain and give themselves a hug as a reward for themselves,” Ingram said.

Her kind and gentle passion for teaching students inspired WWAY to choose Ingram as our “Teacher of the Week” recognition sponsored by Wilmington Granite.

Ingram says the thing she enjoys most about teaching is watching her students’ development over the course of the school year.

“I love seeing the growth that they make when they come in the very first day to the last day, the growth is amazing going from letters to sounds, sight words and sounding out and reading words,” Ingram said.

She also enjoys giving parents feedback so they can feel like they are part of their own child’s development.

“You think about how you would want it with your own children if you were not in the school system,” she said. “I would want the communication and knowing that my child is okay and that they’re having fun at school as well.”

Jennifer Faircloth is the assistant principal at the school and her son is a student in Ingram’s class. Faircloth says she appreciates the feedback Ingram gives parents about what their child needs to work on at home.

“I think she meets your student where they area and she just wants them to grow in their achievement,” Faircloth says. “She came and spoke to me about my son and he really needs to work on decoding words, so we’re decoding words at home, but she cares very much about every single student like that and how they grow individually.”

Ingram says she was shocked and surprised by WWAY’s visit but also very thankful.

“I love teaching and being here and helping them grow and learn,” she said. “Its amazing. It makes you feel good.”

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