Technology, social media key tools for top scammers

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Technology has made just about everything available at the click of a button. That includes making you a target for scammers.

Phone calls, e-mails and even text messages. The Better Business Bureau says nothing is off limits now. Scammers are using new media for some of the same old schemes.

Among them is a fake friend scam. Scammers use one of your existing friend's pictures on social media and send you a duplicate request. If you accept, you give them direct access to your personal information.

Con artists are also taking advantage of the rise of mobile banking. They'll send text messages pretending to be your bank warning you about your account.

Also on the BBB's list of top 10 scams of 2013 is something those working here in Hollywood East should be especially wary of: scammers posing as talent scouts charging them to audition for parts that don't exist.

"Ask questions," Wilmington talent agent Gwen Wells-Loiacono warns. "That's what we say. Educate yourself."

Wells-Loiacono says there are some places around Wilmywood that have reached out to aspiring actors charging them thousands "They're completely surprised and frustrated that they've spent all that money," she said.

Scam artists now have the technology to disguise their caller ID.

Some even pose as law enforcement. You think you have a call from police telling you to pay a fine or be arrested, but it's just a rip-off.

The BBB says social media may play a bigger role in 2014. Scammers pose as national companies on places like Instagram offering fake giveaways like free flights on major airlines.

For a complete list of the scams, click here to visit their website.

Remember: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. By the way, the BBB says the top scam last year was using the Obamacare sign-up to target people.

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