Thousands leave secrets in Kindred Spirit mailbox

SUNSET BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Did you ever want to get something off your chest or express how you feel in a peaceful way? The Kindred Spirit mailbox has been helping that happen for thousands of people who travel to a Brunswick County beach.

Local Author Jacqueline Degroot has been apart of the Kindred Spirit mailbox journey for more than 4 years now.

“It makes you believe in things you might not be believing in anymore,” said Degroot. “You just get an uplifting feeling by just being here.”

“In 1981, Claudia Sailor came to Sunset Beach, and she had a dream for many, many dreams,” Degroot said.

Claudia’s dream came true that year and has been apart of Bird Island near Sunset Beach ever since.

Degroot says, “The original mailbox, when they put it in, she put envelopes and stamps, and she wanted people to write things to the Kindred Spirits, and they did.”

Now, journals and pens are kept inside of the mailbox for visitors to write in and are replaced with new ones when full. The full journals are then archived in the Randall Library at UNCW for anyone to view.

“People let go a lot of emotions here,” says Degroot.

One story Degroot remembers so well was when “a woman was writing about her brother, and he had been a fireman and he had died in a fire in the early 2000s. She had missed him so much, because they had always come here for vacations. So this was a place where she could come and be close with him, and she felt every day when they were on vacation that she could come down here and talk to him, and that’s what she did. She talked to him through her pen. It was so sad, but it was so great to see her continuing their relationship as if it never died.”

Sandy Payne has volunteered her time to help with the Kindred Spirit mailbox with Degroot.

“Our world is such a mess and if you can find a place is a little piece of solitude and some water to look at and sand a breeze blowing on you,” said Payne. “Does it get any better than that? I don’t think so.”

The mailbox is located off of 40th Street in Sunset Beach then a 25 minutes walk down the beach towards the South Carolina border.

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