Brunswick historic site to fully reopen following hurricanes and arson

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson Historic Site plans to open this weekend in time for the 155th anniversary of the fall of Fort Anderson.

Site Supervisor Jim McKee says most repairs from Hurricane Florence are complete and the museum and visitor center should be open to the public on Saturday.

He says the lobby and the museum were the only two parts of the building that did not have to have floors replaced. The rest of the floors should be finished by the end of the month with work completed on Mondays while the site is closed.

The site has been closed since the end of November, but the museum was finally put back together last week. McKee says none of the exhibits were directly impacted by Hurricane Florence, but a few artifacts were affected by the humidity.

Hurricanes Michael and Dorian took out trees that were weakened by Florence.

McKee says Boiling Spring Lakes Fire Department determined the cause of the fire near the site’s boardwalk in late July was arson. McKee says a 60-foot area of boardwalk and several uprights have been repaired since.

The anniversary event will include day-long artillery demonstrations with Civil War torpedos and a night activity “Plunging Shots and Screaming Shells.” He says this will be the first time in North Carolina since 1865 that heavy artillery will be dualed.

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