Tips for finding romance during the pandemic

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Planning a date amid the coronavirus pandemic can be a challenge for those who are single, windowed or divorced. Don’t worry, a professional matchmaker may be able to help filter out the duds.

Professional matchmaker and dating coach Addie Sellers says don’t lose hope, finding love is possible. She says a matchmaker basically serves as a filter for their clients.

“Its different from online dating in that you’re not physically searching for people and interviewing them, we’re doing that for you,” Sellers said.

If you struggle with how to market your best attributes, worry no more. A professional matchmaker knows how to identify and describe what you have to offer or bring to a potential relationship.

“A matchmaker is writing your bio and doing your interviews for you, we establish values, your lifestyle and what makes you happy, and we pinpoint things that make you happy in your life,” she said. “We do interviews and set you up with those candidates so its not just you taking a wild guess based on attraction and what they’re saying about themselves.”

The candidates are pre-screened before you meet them.

“You don’t ever go out on a date without me meeting the candidates first and doing a background search,” Sellers said.

So who would be an ideal client?

“I really want someone happy, healthy and strong, and above all, they have to be really ready to date,” Sellers said. “I can put the perfect candidate in front of you, but if you’re not ready, you’re not sure, it won’t work.”

A matchmaker can help people who are simply looking to date or those searching for a long-term relationship.

“Some people are widowers or have been in long-term relationships and haven’t dated at all so it just depends on what that client is looking for,” she said. “Maybe they need a few good experiences to see what’s out there or they’re totally ready to find the one and settle down.”

Ultimately, each client’s success is based on their needs. For more information about Sellers’ matchmaking services, click here.

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