Topsail Beach vacationers unearth treasure and family fun

NORTH TOPSAIL BEACH, NC (WWAY) — What happens when fun in the sun turns into a treacherous treasure hunt?

The FitzGerald family says it means “x” marks the spot at North Topsail Beach. They’ve vacationed there almost every year for 35 years.

After time apart due to hurricanes and the pandemic, they decided to revive a family tradition for the younger scallywags.

“I remember being really excited,” said college student, Connor FitzGerald. “This is our first time seeing them in awhile, so we wanted to do something special for them.”

They drew an elaborate map, leading the family’s youngest adventurers on a hunt across the beach, bonding over buried treasure and making memories along the way.

After searching for what felt like hours, the kids struck gold.

Caitlin FitzGerald remembered, “The sound the shovel made on the treasure chest…. and especially Ryan, he just went, ‘Oh my gosh guys, it’s real, it’s real.’ He was just going crazy.”

“We started tearing it apart,” said 12-year-old, Patrick FitzGerald. “We started opening it and clearing the way.”

The young treasure hunters uncovered a chest full of beads and gold doubloons.

“They were all telling me the different ways they were going to spend their cut of the treasure,” Connor explained. ” Caitlin continued, “It’s worth $300,000 to them. An Xbox. All technology. MacBooks.”

Though the kids say finding pirate’s booty was the highlight of their trip, their parents say they found a much more valuable treasure.

“It’s getting to see the kids faces,” said Susi FitzGerald, their grandmother. “And seeing each other and hanging out. Whenever I leave I say 51 more weeks… before we come back.”

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